A short small talk boardgame to practice simple past sentences and reactions.

Demonstrate for the class with the teacher and ideally one or two student helpers.

Roll the dice and move around the board. Use the keyword on the square to make a simple past tense sentence. Such as 'I played soccer last week'. The other members of the group must react to your statement. Put a few examples on the board such as 'Me. too' 'That's great' 'I love soccer' etc.

Once someone reaches goal they are safe but they must continue to react to other students statements.

There are a few special squares. The 'Draw a ...' square means that student comes to the board and draws a fish or dolphin.

I have the students make groups and play for about 10 minutes then see how many made it to goal.


BOARD GAME 'Past and Reaction'.docx

いいね数 0

予想時間:15 minutes including demontration and some practice.

作った人: UonumaRobert



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