Why-because Memory Game

Play memory as a class using "why" and "because".

This Memory game is done as a whole class. Print out the cards and put them in plastic sleeves. It helps to put several sheets of white paper behind them that way the text can't be seen. Then number them on the back 1-17.

  1. Break students into lunch groups.
  2. Use magnets to put all the cards on the board with the number-side up.
  3. A group calls out two numbers. The ALT and JTE flip them over and read them. If the cards make sense ("Why does Bob like pizza? He likes it because it has cheese.") then give that group a point and remove the cards. If it doesn't make sense (Why does Ken like basketball? He likes it because it's sweet.), then turn the cards back over and move on to the next group.

Note: The game will last longer if you make the group choose both cards at once rather than having them choose one, read what it says, and then choose another.
Note 2: There is an odd number of cards that way when it comes down to the last set, the answer won't be obvious.


s 1 p104 why because memory.pdf

いいね数 0

予想時間:15 minutes

作った人: rebvandev



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