Kakokei Karuta

"Kakokei" is Japanese for past tense. Students listen to the teacher read a sentence and slap the correct 'verb card'.

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Originally submitted by Patrick Bickford on Oct 27, 2009.


  • After splitting the class into groups of 5-6 students, hand out a set of 'verb cards' to each group and have them spread them out on their desks.
  • Read a present tense sentence: "I eat cereal for breakfast." The groups must listen for the verb in the sentence and grab the verb card with the past tense form of the verb.
  • The 'grab' winners keep the card and must stand up and repeat the sentence using the past tense form: "I ate cereal for breakfast."
  • The student with the most cards win.


  • If you want to play this game multiple times, after you have played the game one time, have the winners form a group because they are most likely the strongest English speakers in the class.


  • This activity is versatile and can be used to practice any grammar form of a verb, so feel free to change the worksheet accordingly.



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予想時間:15-30 min

作った人: Englipedia Archive



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