Space Invaders Feud

A group quiz game based on the American Family Feud
This activity was inspired by:

Do the two demonstrations before putting the students into groups.

After the mother ship has arrived click the Q button to show the question or the keywords.

Students or in demo the teacher raise their hand to try and answer. You can require speaking the answer as a sentence if the model is on the screen. If its a good answer (for example 'Sushi is eaten in Japan') then the student picks a letter between A and D. For the demo pick A or D. This will destroy one of the small guard ships which gets the team 2 points. Then demonstrate the teacher or ALT being a different group and giving another correct answer. They pick A or D and destroy another guard. Finally do a last demonstration and this time click on C. This destroys the mother ship ending the round. That team gets 4 points and then either click on the 3 number buttons to see example answers or on the arrow to move onto the next screen.

On the next demo screen click on the B button after answering the question to cause the landmark to be stolen. The team gets -4 points and the round is ended.

Then make teams and have the teams select their order. They should switch which student answers each question but other members can help with ideas.

In this activity up to three teams can possibly answer a question but once they mothership is destroyed or the landmark stolen the round is over. Optionally if lots of students put up their hands with answers you can give them a chance to get one point by giving their answers.

There are 12 screens and after the quiz the team with the most points wins.

Includes an introduction to 'combine the sentences' I'll link it.


3年生 Space Invaders Feud Reduced Relative Pronouns.pptx

いいね数 0

予想時間:20 to 30 minutes

作った人: UonumaRobert



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