Discovery Chance

Students (in 2-person teams) take their chances to discover their opponents’ hidden spots while they’re using the appropriate target language of the day.

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Originally submitted by Jacob Rashidi on Jan 18, 2012.


  • The ALT draws 9 rectangles on the board that each one has an unique number (1~9) written in it.
  • Now, place one day of the week card in each space. (NOTE: You need to have at least three copies of each day of the week).
  • Two pairs of students to play the game against each other will come to the front. The ALT gives them 20 seconds to memorize the spots and then asks them to face to the class. With their backs turned to the board, remove 5 cards and then ask the students to play Janken. The winner gets a chance to have a go first.
  • The HRT must already have one set of the cards (same as those on the board) on his/her desk. The HRT says one of the numbers (from those numbers which ALT hid and the first pair of students (the person who won Janken) tries to guess, what day was on that number. If they are correct, then they receive a point and get a chance to guess the next number, otherwise the next pair gets a chance to guess.
  • When all the numbers have been guessed, reset the board and play again.


  • I also played this game with school subjects, but I wrote down days of the week in each space instead of the numbers and it worked out well.


  • Make sure each student in the pair plays the game, (whether they chose a correct card or not) otherwise one strong pair can take a chance all the time and other students could lose motivation.

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予想時間:10-20 min

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