Lesson Plan of We Can 2 Unit 3

I had a bit of time so I jotted this down. Its rough.

You'll need to prepare your own materials.

We can 2 Unit 3
Profile Making and Who Am I Quiz
Lesson One
1) Greetings and explanation of the unit and lesson goal by HRT (2-3 minutes)
This goal is getting to know about your friends better.
2) Chant (2 to 3 minutes)
This unit doesn’t have a chant so I’d do a chant from a previous unit.
3) Three Choice Teacher Quiz (10 to 15 minutes)
Introduce three subjects saying ‘I like …’ (1 you like, 2 you don’t like) Students raise hands to guess which one you actually like. Then answer check having students ask ‘What do you like?’ Repeat for ‘I play’ and ‘I want’. Ideally take turns with the teacher.
4) Key Word Game (page 20 and 21) (10 to 15 minutes)
Practice the food vocabulary and play the keyword game. Students sit in pairs and groups with an eraser between them. You select one food, for example ‘carrots’. Then you say a word from the list and clap ‘peaches’ clap. The students clap and repeat the word. Continue to randomly do this until you say ‘carrot’ then the students grab for the eraser. The winner is the one who grabs the eraser first. Repeat for animals, objects and then subjects.
5) Listening challenge (page 19) (10 to 15 minutes)
Use the DVD so the students can watch the videos and label the characters. Make certain to watch the DVDs before the lesson so you know what they are about. I’ve gone in cold and screwed up the listening a few times.
6) Wrap Up (3-4 minutes)
Students write their reflections or whatever the teacher has them do.

Lesson Two
1) Greetings and explanation of the goal by HRT (2-3 minutes)
2) Chant (2-3 minutes)
3) What’s Missing page 20 to 21 (10 to 15 minutes)
Preparation is flashcards of the vocabulary. Put them up on the board practicing them. I’d do each category separately. Then students close their eyes and you remove one. They must guess what you removed. If you don’t have time to make flashcards just play the keyword game again.
4) Me too Sign Game Page 22 (20 plus minutes if you do 4 rounds)
I’d skip the DVD for this page and instead use it for a ‘Me too Sign Game’. Play it in 4 rounds. Round one is ‘I eat…’ in the box they should draw or write a food they like to eat. Then walk around and meet their friends saying ‘Hello, I eat...’ if the other student says ‘Me too’ they can sign in the same box. If they don’t like it they say ‘Wow’ and don’t sign. After a couple of minutes stop the activity and do round two with ‘I like...’
5) Wrap up

Lesson Three
1) Greetings and explain lesson goals (2-3 minutes)
2) Chant (2 minutes)
3) Vocabulary Review Game (10 minutes)
You can do ‘what’s missing’ or ‘key word game.’ Key it short.
4) Listening Activity on Page 23
You’ll have to check it out. I rarely used these so I’m not that sure how to use them well.
5) Make your profile. Page 24 Activity. (20 minutes or longer)
The DVD has a good example of how to do this. You can screen print it and make worksheets from that or make your own. They can spend the rest of the lesson making their profile and practicing how to speak it.
6) Wrap Up

Lesson Four
1) Greetings and explain goals (2 to 3 minutes)
2) Chant (2 minutes)
3) Listening exercise on page 24. (10 to 15 minutes)
There are two of them and they are both pretty good.
4) Mingler (10 to 15 minutes)
After finishing their profiles and practicing they should mingle around the classroom. Make pairs and give there self-introduction speeches to friends. Ideally their worksheets should have space to make a memo about their friend’s profile. After a set amount of time stop the activity and collect the profiles.
5) Who am I Quiz (Remainder of lesson time)
Read the contents of a profile and have the students guess who the person is. They can make groups to guess or just raise their hands and guess. It depends on how much time they have.
6) Wrap Up

Lesson Five
1) Greetings and explain goals
2) Chants
3) Presentations: Students come to the front and read their profiles. Coach the class on how to react such as saying things like ‘cool’ or ‘me too’.
4) Reading Comprehension Page 25
If there is time they can silently read the page and you can check how much they understand. We usually have them underline words they recognize.
5) Wrap Up

いいね数 1

予想時間:5 lesson unit

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