Save the Ducks and Survivor Game

For practicing 'I know him' and 'I don't know them'

These activities can be easily modified for other grammar points.

Start with the introduction. This should be done without putting students into groups and before giving out worksheets.

While introducing the target language make sure the JTE is there to make certain the students understand the English in Japanese as well. This can be expanded on as a group activity but I prefer to go through this stuff quickly.

Note I added 'Kenki Fukouka' this year. They might know him now but nobody will remember him after the Rugby World Cup is over.

NEXT the Surivivor Game.
Print out a big copy for the JTE to use and you can use the one on the screen. The regular size papers should be cut in half with each student getting one grid. It is a pair game similar to battleship but it each player only has a single grid. For the demonstrate first show the blank grid and give a few example sentences such as 'I don't like it' and 'I know her' and then click to the next slide with the 8 circles. Tell everyone to put 8 circles randomly on their grid.

Play with the JTE. Make a sentence where you don't have a circle and then click it to X it out. The JTE also Xs out that spot on their poster. The JTE then makes a sentence using their grid where they don't have a O and Xs it out. You also X out that square on the screen and continue. At the end of a time limit see who has the most remaining circles. That person is the champion. After a bit of practice let the students play. Give them 2 minutes or maybe 3 minutes and then check to see who the winner is. You can print out a second copy of the grid if you want them to play twice.

NEXT writing practice with SAVE THE DUCKS

It is a group activity but I usually make groups after I've demonstrated the activity.

Show the demonstration screen. There are two example questions (buttons 1 and 2). The first is Johnny Depp. Click on the question to show the answer. Then click on the answer to remove the question and answer. After the students working in groups write their 4 sentence answer they bring it to a teacher. The teacher checks then they click A, B or C. Demonstrate clicking A or B. The duck is safe and the team gets one point. Then do the next question (Hello Kitty) and this time click on C and the duck is hit. This round that team gets no points but they still continue. Then click on the remaining square and say once all squares are cleared click on the arrow to go to the next screen.

When I do this type of activity I use my tablet or a school tablet so both teachers are free to check answers and help students and the students can manage the game by themselves. If you are using a computer then one teacher checks answers (hopefully the ALT) and the other manages the game (JTE) and the students can record their own points on the board.

After each question they go back to their group and work on another question. You might want to use a group master sheet to make sure groups don't come up again and again with the same answer. Encourage them to take turns bringing the answer.

Near the end of class stop the game and check the points to see which team is the winner.

I've added an alternate version that lets them ask questions rather than just answer. I've also added a few rounds to survivor game. Some of my classes really struggled and needed more practice.


1年生 Save The Ducks Intro and Game (Pronouns).pptx

1年生 Save the Ducks Survivor Game (Pronouns).docx

1年生 Save the Ducks Worksheet (Pronouns).docx

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