Snakes and Ladders NEW CROWN 1 Review

This is a review game for lesson 5 New Crown 1
This activity was inspired by:

This was modeled on Jake's Snakes and Ladders game.

Its meant to be played in small groups or pairs if you have enough dice.

On a player's turn they roll the dice and move to the spot. The other players then read the question to them. They answer the question and then pass the die to the next player.

Set a 10 minute time limit and whoever makes it closest to the goal is the winner. If somebody makes it to the goal they should still help read the questions.


1年生 Snakes and Ladders New Crown 1 Lesson 5 Review.docx

いいね数 0

予想時間:15 minutes with demonstration

作った人: UonumaRobert



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