Super Mario EIGO

An updated version of Super Mario Typhoon by Alexander Grant. This version is a review of prepositions, comparatives, verb tenses, articles, and pronunciation. You can edit to add your own material.
This activity was inspired by:

I updated most of the graphics and made things look a bit better. The version that I've uploaded is already filled with content drawn mostly from the Vision Quest I book (although not exclusively). I used this as an end of term grammar review for my classes.

In addition, I added a randomized reward system. Without editing, the students will be randomly rewarded with between 1-5 coins for a correct answer. You can easily change the type of reward/punishment that a slide gives by changing the slide layout.

The following reward layouts are available:
* Randomized coin reward
* 1 coin reward
* 2 coin reward
* 3 coin reward
* 4 coin reward
* 5 coin reward
* Green Shell reward
* Bom-omb punishment
* Bowser punishment

Other notes:
* The timer will not start until you click/press next in the slide. This gives you time to read the question before starting the timer.
* You must enable macros for the randomized coin rewards to work. If you don't plan to use that type of reward, then no worries.
* I made some printable pronunciation quiz cards for the pronunciation slides. When a group chooses a pronunciation slide, the JTE randomly selects a pronunciation card. Once they have the card, start the timer. When the timer is up, one student from the group should try to pronounce the word. If you can clearly understand the word, mark the slide as correct. Use your best judgment and decide if the student would be understand by another native speaker.
* The "Click Tracking" version of this game will keep track of which blocks you have clicked, even if you return to the editing screen. This is useful if you need to temporarily stop the presentation to edit or if you accidentally close the presentation. In order to reset the game board, simply close the PowerPoint file and open it again. Some people may not want this behavior, so I've added it as a separate version.


Pronunciation Challenge Cards.docx

Super Mario EIGO - Click Tracking Version.pptm

Super Mario EIGO.pptm

いいね数 1

予想時間:45-65 minutes

作った人: JMorris


Jake W 20年02月06日

I had to do a last-minute first-year JHS class so I made a bunch of textbook review questions and the students got a huge kick out of it. They were hoping for Bowser or the green shell every turn. For the green shell, I had them choose one team and roll dice to see how many points the other team would lose.

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