Hot Seat

A student sits at the front of the classroom and answers questions. Other students try to guess their answers.

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  • Students construct "Is it [easy/fun/etc] for you to ~ ?" questions. Give them 5 - 10 minutes and ensure that most or all students in the class have at least 1 question written.
  • Select 1 student to sit in the "Hot Seat," which is the teachers desk at the front of the room.
  • Instruct students to volunteer and ask 1 question to the student in the Hot Seat. (Maybe the first question, or even all 5 questions to the first student should be asked by yourself in the event that the class is too shy.)
  • The student in the Hot Seat DOES NOT answer the questions verbally. Instead he/she secretly notes the answers on the sheet. The rest of the students in the class must guess whether the Hot Seat student's answer is Yes or No and will mark their guess on their own sheets.
  • Once 5 questions have been asked, you as the ALT will check the answers by asking the same questions to the student who will this time answer verbally. The rest of the students will check their answers and see how many of their guesses match the Hot Seat student's actual answers.
  • Give the students a score by asking for a show of hands, "Who has 5 points? - GREAT friend!" "Who has 4 points? - GOOD friend!" " ' ' 3 points? - So-so friend"


  • This is a variation of a Hot Seat, a game I often play as a warm up all year long. Generally I allow the students to ask any yes/no question, and I allow for 3 answers "Yes / No / a little". If your students are used to playing this more general game, then this "Is it [fun] for you to ~ ?" game will go much more quickly.



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