Students race to rebuild their rockets by correctly answering the AET's questions.

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Originally submitted by Paul Matthews on April 24, 2013.


  • This is pretty much your basic quiz game. First tell the students that they are all astronauts and have gone to space but they have crashed their rockets on another planet. (Which you have already drawn on the blackboard.) The teacher will then put 6 rocket ‘shells’ onto the blackboard and get the students into lunch groups.
  • For each correct answer the students will have an option of adding another piece of space rocket to the shell of their rocket or take a piece away from another team’s rocket.


  • If you have lots of time for the quiz you can draw multiple planets on the board. This way once a team leaves the first planet they will end up crashing on a second or third etc... They have to continue to rebuild until they reach their goal.


  • The rockets are colour coded to the teams.
  • Print 6 of the grey rocket shells and 1 of each of the coloured parts. Print all A3.
  • This works best if you laminate the rocket shells and all the parts and attach sticky magnets to the back.



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予想時間:25-50 min

作った人: Englipedia Archive



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