Oh No! Bingo

A tactical bingo game where bingo is bad. Students practice speaking as well as listening.

Archived from Englipedia.
Originally submitted by Raymond Corrigan on Mar 10, 2010.


  • Have students make groups of four and secretly fill in their bingo card with the target vocabulary being taught.
  • Students play Janken to decide who is the first boss.
  • The boss calls out one of the target vocabulary words. The boss and the other students must circle this word on their bingo card. The boss, and everybody else, must try to NOT get bingo.
  • Then the student to the left becomes boss.
  • When a student has all but one square in a straight line (diagonal, horizontal or vertical), they yell, "Reach!" When the final square is marked, they say, "Oh No! Bingo". Once a student gets bingo they are out until the next turn.
  • The last student in each group WITHOUT bingo wins.


  • Use more than 9 words (12 works well). Bosses can say vocabulary words that are not on their bingo card.
  • For a more tactical/brutal version of this game have all students lay their bingo cards down on the table for everybody to see.
  • Keep a list of the target words on display for students to refer to.


  • Play one game of normal bingo to practice listening. Then play one game of "Oh No! Bingo" to practice speaking.





いいね数 0

予想時間:15-25 min

作った人: Englipedia Archive



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