Imperative Blindfold Drawing

Shout out the imperative your blindfolded teammate is trying to draw before anyone else to gain a point for your team.

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Originally submitted by Mark Best on Feb 17, 2011.


  • ImperativeBlindfoldDrawing attachment: The attachment includes: action cards and a cheat sheet. Print one copy of the attachment on thick paper and cut out to use as 'lottery style' draw cards (action cards). Also, print out one copy for each group (cheat sheet).
  • Mystery box or similar to use as a lottery bin
  • Blindfold for each group
  • Timer


  • Draw a large square on the board, draw one activity card and set the timer. Blindfold yourself and draw the picture as best you can.
  • Have the JTE encourage the students to try to guess and shout out what they think you’re drawing as soon as they know. Be sure to model the drawing of both a positive and negative imperative (negative imperatives have a big X through them).
  • Then, draw a big square drawing space for each group and number them (teams are usually by desk rows).
  • Bring one student from each group forward and make sure they know they are not allowed to speak.
  • Have each player draw one imperative card and give them a piece of chalk/marker.
  • Set the timer for one minute and blindfold all players.
  • Start the timer and set everyone to drawing.
  • The round is over when one team successfully identifies their player's picture and shouts it out: "Don’t run!"
  • Stop the drawing at this point and have the other teams attempt to identify their own player’s pictures (only the first team gets a point, though)
  • Bring forward another player for each team and continue.


  • A variation on this activity is to use a very short time limit (say 5 seconds) instead of blindfolding the players.This is also a good way to get the time right down as well. ;-)



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