Janken, Change, Retire

Students work in pairs to answer two questions in order for their pair to retire from the game.

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Originally submitted by Patrick Bickford on Jun 11, 2011.

Explaining this game is best done via demonstration. Have two students stand and explain to the class they are a pair. Have the two students play Janken. The winner remains standing.

Ask the winner an easy question: "What is 'inu' in English?" After the student answers, have the two students reverse their standup/sitdown positions (change).

Ask the newly standing student another simple question: What is 'neko' in English?" Once they answer, they sit down and both students in the pair shout out in unison: "Retire!"

They now get to sit there nonverbally bragging about their 'retire' status for the rest of the game.

Play until all students are sitting or until the allotted time.


For students who don't have a partner, simply have them answer two questions.

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予想時間:5-15 min

作った人: Englipedia Archive



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