Sengoku Jidai PPT

A version of Sengoku Jidai made in Powerpoint. Instead of answers starting with the same letter as the prefecture, it has questions relating to the prefecture itself.

Archived from Englipedia.
Originally submitted by Ryan Coutant on Mar 06, 2016.

These questions were written with 2nd graders learning comparatives and superlatives in mind. You could also use this is as a template to add your own questions or just use the hex screen.


  • Click on the letters on the map to go to the question pages (click to see Q & A)
  • Click on the seal in the lower right hand corner of the question pages to go back to the map
  • Click on the hex (but not on the letter) to pick the color of the team that got it right
  • Click on the team's circle in the bottom right corner to celebrate the team's correct answer
  • When the game is done, click the star of the winning team to show the victory screen


You can pause the text/image appearing animations on the question pages by hitting the "1" key. This is helpful when you have students that raise their hand/buzz in early. You can resume the text/image animation by hitting the "~" key


  • Install the Ruach font to make the title look nice




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