A group battle game similiar to Gang War, Robots invade the world and so forth. Good for review.
This activity was inspired by:

DRAGON WAR is another battle game.

You start off using the first few slides to set up the story of the peaceful kingdom with many different people but then dragons invade. In this game the groups control the dragons and battle to see which dragons are the champions.

The how to play slide has two example questions. You click on the letter to show the question, the question to show the answer and then the answer to make them vanish. In the demonstration explain one team goes to the teacher, shows their answer and takes a caste. You click on the castle to change its color. Change a second castle to a different color to show another team also taking a caste. Then do the second demo question. The last white castle will be taken. At the point when there are no white castles remaining the teams will have to try to take castles from each other. This is done by rolling a die in a box. If the result is a 4, 5 or 6 they can change the color of an enemy castle. If the result is a 1, 2 or 3 they cannot. Either way once they've made the attempt they go back to their group and work on another question.

The questions can be given in a number of ways. Most of the team I have them printed out on the worksheets or on a team worksheet. Sometimes after they finish one question I will ask them the next one. This type of activity works best with questions that are a bit challenging. I suggest answers that include a reason why or ask for 'plus alpha' which means an extra detail. Groups work at their own pace to answer the questions.

Once the demo is done you can click on the hero character to go to the next slide. The next few slides show all the castle characters. Go through those quickly then make groups. Hand out the individual worksheets, team sheet or team question sheet and assign colors. There are four dragon types. So in a class with 6 groups you'd have two blue, two red and two yellow teams. In a class with 8 groups you'd have 2 blue, 2 red, 2 yellow and 2 green teams. In a class with 9 groups you'd have 3 blue, 3 red and 3 yellow teams. If the class breaks into 5 or 7 groups you'll have to reaarrange them.

On the battle screen when team is up if you click on the small dog at the bottom it will take you to the victory screen. There you click on the dragon that won or you click on the black dragon if there was a tie.

I've included the template so you can make your own example questions and the 3rd Year Discussions questions I've used with my classes. My discussions questions are quite high level. The classes did okay with them but only use it if you think they are up for a challenge. We've been doing a fair bit of higher level work recently.


3年生 DRAGON WAR Discussion Game.docx

3年生 DRAGON WAR Discussion Game.pptx


2年生 Dragon War New Crown 2 L1-2 Review.docx

2年生 Dragon War New Crown 2 L1-2 Review.pptx

いいね数 1

予想時間:Varies depending on how many questions but I'd say 30 minutes max

作った人: UonumaRobert


UonumaRobert 20年02月27日

Hi Masukuu, I use a free Japanese clipart site called 'irasutoya'. Its fantastic. You can see there stuff all over the place in Japan. They have an amazing range of stuff all in the same style.

Musakuu 20年02月27日

Very nice! Where do you get the pictures for your games? I wants them!!

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