A powerpoint game that can be used to practice many points. I'm using it for New Crown 2 Lets Talk 7
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New Crown 2 Lets talk 7 is a shopping dialogue with the key language. It's too big. Do you have a smaller one?

First slide says todays theme and then shopping is fun. Explain todays topic is about shopping but we're going to start with practicing the target language.

Then it goes onto an example. Practice the vocabulary and make sure the meaning is understood. Then show the first sentence with blanks. Practice it before showing the picture. The students should guess what vocabulary goes into the blanks.

Click again to show the answer.

There are then four more examples. These can be done as quizzes in groups with students taking turns coming to a teacher with an answer. I'd either reward points with random point cards or by speed. Alternately it can be just done quickly without making groups. If the JTE has a point system in place maybe give points to students who volunteer an answer. I'd go with the later to safe time.

After the four it goes onto a group activity. The game is called tooth wars. The example page shows the open mouth and the tooth brush along with the viruses. Click the 1 at the bottom to see the first picture. Then click on that picture to see the answer. Click on the answer to remove both. Then pick A, B or C. Say the team would get one point. Then click on the 2 and repeat. This time click on the D. This means the team gets 3 points and you move onto the next slide. On the next slide click on the A so they can see there is also a danger and they can get -3 points.

Hand out the worksheets. The teams work at their own pace. The worksheet is the same as one from an earlier activity. I will include a link. Set a time limit so that you have at least 15 to 20 minutes left at the end of class.

At that point click on the boss virus on that page to get a hyperlink that will lead to 'Shopping time'. Count the teams points and cheer the winning team. Then break up the teams tell them they will practice the shopping dialogue in pairs.

Tell them they should pick a picture from their worksheet. Then select who will be the customer and who will be the sales person. Click through the slide to show the simplified dialogue. There are two versions. One with a singular item and one with plural. You can cut out and hand out cards of these dialogues for each pair. The remainder of the time is spent with the pairs making dialogues based on the pictures. I generally reward stickers if they complete two, sometimes just one if time is tight.

I've included a blank template of Tooth Wars for other lesson points.


2-08D TOOTH WARS Lets Talk fix it.docx

2-08D TOOTH WARS lets talk fix it.pptx

TOOTH WARS Template.pptx

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