This will be ALTopedia's third year of operation! I'll talk about what's in store for 2020.


Thanks to some kind users, we've added more textbooks! Also, I'll start talking about what's in store for next year.


You can now link activities together to see the chain of inspiration behind different activities!


You may have noticed that the archived Englipedia site has been down recently. I'll explain why!


It's ALTopedia's first anniversary! Let's look back on the last year and talk about what's ahead!


Spring is taking bloom and it's bringing a new school year and a new Japanese era! ALTopedia is here to help you get back to school!


We're starting to incorporate archived activities from Englipedia!


We've added a new category of tags based on activity themes. This may be useful for your Elementary classes!


It's time to ring in the year of the boar! Let's make it a great year! Check out what's new with ALTopedia!


We've made it up to 100 activities! Check out the site updates we've made over the fall!


Interested in changing careers? Trying to find that great activity you liked? Want to tell everyone where you're from? We've got you covered in the latest site update!


Can you translate into another language besides English? If you can, you can help us bring ALTopedia to a broader audience!


Want to leave your feedback on an activity? Maybe you’re itching to say thanks or point out an embarrassing typo? Fear not, for comments are now on the site!


Hey there! Welcome to the site! We’re hoping ALTopedia will be your best source for activities, games, worksheets, and everything else for your English classes.

The site is still in its very early stages right now, so we’ll fill you in on what’s going on at the moment and what we plan to add in the future.