母国: Canada

現在な場所: Uonuma-shi, Niigata-Ken

ユーザー情報: Long time ALT

Telephone Skit Sign Game Students practice a simplified telephone dialogue and try and collect signs. Based on New Crown 1 Lesson 7 let's talk. 0
Magic Quiz A family feud style quiz game 1
Explain the Culture Use either as a poster for 'say the word' or as cards for 'taboo' and 'karuta' 0
Zapper Zoo A write and race powerpoint game. Useful for review. 1
Christmas Points Game Simple powerpoint to review material with a christmas theme 0
How to make a powerpoint Point Game I've had a few of my coworkers ask to make these. 0
Dumb Jokes A worksheet for practicing indirect questions 0
Flash Card Telepathy Game I usually use this to practice school subjects and week days 0
Telephone Talk New Crown 1 Lets Talk 7 A worksheet to practice talking on the phone 0
Gesture Quiz Game I usually use this gesture game to introduce present continuous. 0
What are animals doing GAME A point get game for practicing the present progressive. 0
Pencils and Bombs Review Quiz and Profile Game A quiz review game and then a writing activity. 0
FUN SHAPES 'Are as fun as it gets' A point get game for practicing 'She runs faster than me' and 'Cats are as cute as dogs' 0
Christmas Dash A Christmas Themed Race activity useful for reviewing various lessons 0
World Christmas Quiz A three choice quiz about Christmas traditions around the world 3
Christmas Quiz and Krampus Attacks Three activities rolled up together. 3
I have a dream Questions NEW CROWN 3 Write and Race for New Crown 3 Lesson 6 USE Read 'I have a dream' 0
What would you like POINTS Mingler A mingler to practice polite requests and a write and race activity 0
Which vs. That Relative Clauses Quiz A powerpoint quiz to which clause to use 0
Spot the Dog Powerpoint for practicing up, down, left and right 0