Jake W

母国: USA

現在な場所: Nagano

ユーザー情報: I've taught Junior High in Japan for 7 years. I try to have students talk to each other during activities and express their own opinions and ideas as much as possible.

Translate the untranslatable Students try to explain Japanese words that don't have any simple English equivalents. 0
Find Someone Who... Students make their classmates find other students who match their criteria. 0
Shiritori Circle Battle Students practice spelling by playing the game "Shiritori" and trying to find a word that can complete a cycle. 0
Fish for Adjectives Students try to get their classmates to say specific adjectives by asking "What do you think about _____?" 0
Have you ____ today? Present Perfect guessing Students practice the present perfect with words like "already," "just," and "not yet" through a character guessing game. 0
Guess the Teacher - Pronouns Students practice the pronouns "he" and "she" by quizzing their classmates about teachers at their school. 0
Random Superheroes Students practice "can" grammar by making amusing randomly generated superheroes. 1
Words of Wisdom Students practice "if" by giving advice to their classmates. 0
How do you go to _____ survey Students practice "I go to ~ by ~" through a quick survey of their classmates. 0
What was your teacher in junior high? Students practice "was" by guessing what their teachers were like when they were in junior high themselves. 0
Jake's Snakes and Ladders This a simple Snakes and Ladders game I made for one of my special needs classes. 1
My JHS highlights Students reflect back on their years in junior high school and share their memories with their classmates. 0
Where should Naomi Osaka choose? Students discuss whether Naomi Osaka should choose to become a Japanese or American citizen. 0
Media Diet Students read an article and talk about their media consumption habits. 0
Thirty-six Students review recent vocabulary by quizzing each other. 0
Pitch your business Students come up with a business idea and compete to see who will get funding. 0
Comparative student search Students practice comparative grammar by stacking themselves up against their classmates. 0
Do you have ESP? Students test their classmates' powers of perception by drawing hidden shapes. 0
Superlative survey Students practice superlatives (-est only) by asking each other about people they know. 0
The Best and Worst of Winter Vacation Students practice the superlatives "best" and "worst" by giving their opinions on winter vacation. 0